Level 7 Extended Diploma in Oil and Gas Management

The Extended Diploma in Oil & Gas Management is designed to help students become knowledgeable managers in a position to advise how best a company can move forward in a particular aspect of the business. As the energy sector faces new challenges due to climate change and stiff competition from rival firms, the need for competent and informed management staff is crucial. This in turn results in higher than average starting salaries for graduates moving into the sector. Learners will explore the process of trade in oil and gas from seller, buyer and intermediary perspectives, and develop the practical problem-solving skills needed for success in a growth industry. They will also examine corporate social responsibility, and the environmental, sustainability and social issues involved.

Level 7 Extended Diploma in Oil and Gas Management is a 140 credits qualification. Learners must complete all mandatory units worth 125 credits and choose atleast one from optional units to achieve 140 credits for this extended diploma. Our extended diploma in Oil and Gas Management gives you the necessary skills to pursue a range of career opportunities within oil and gas and the wider energy sector.

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Course Content

Level 7 Extended Diploma in Oil and Gas Management is a 140 credits qualification. Learners must complete all mandatory units worth 125 credits and choose atleast one from optional units to achieve 140 credits for this extended diploma:

Mandatory Units

  • Strategic Resource Management
  • Petroleum Energy, Economics and Finance in Oil and Gas
  • Logistics and Operation Management
  • Project Management
  • Research Project

Optional Units

  • Innovation & Risk Management
  • Planning and Economics of Refinery Operations
  • Business Strategy
  • Risk Management in Oil and Gas
  • Portfolio Management of Oil and Gas Assets
  • Strategic Planning
  • Investment Analysis and Decision Making in the Petroleum Industry
  • Trading Oil in International Markets

Ideal for

Students with extended diploma in Oil and Gas Management can initially apply for positions such as environmental consultant or research administrator. As they gain experience, senior positions in operations and team leading will materialise and they will be further involved in the discovery and maintenance of the world’s oil and gas supply.


To modern eyes, how students were assessed about half-century ago may look rather limited and repetitive. Assessment then, largely consist of a succession of relatively uniform essays or reports followed by a diet of end-of-year or final written exam papers. Learning outcomes of various units via submission of assignments / project work, is by far a better assessment technique. The process invloves assessment of learners work internally and then finally assessing through external evaluators.

Career path

You will develop the numerical, analytical, communication and research skills required for management positions in any organisation where energy is a key variable.Your negotiation and leadership skills will enable you to respond effectively to complex business situations and develop as an entrepreneur in identifying and responding to new opportunities.You can also progress to higher level courses.


Students on completing Level 7 Extended Diploma in Oil and Gas Management :

  • 80% are working (at professional / managerial position)
  • 0% are studying
  • 10% are working & studying
  • 1Entry Requirements
    2How to enrol?
    3How to pay?

    You can pay the course fee in either of the ways given below:

    • Online using your credit card / debit card
    • Through bank transfer / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

    Fee Structure

    Tuition fees for the programme
    DurationPayment optionEnrolment FeeTuition
    6 months Payable in easy instalments£20£1250
    9 months Payable in easy instalments£20£950

    Fee Payment Plans

    OPTIONS9 months6 months
    PLAN A GBP £190 x 5 monthly instalmentsGBP £416 x 3 monthly instalments
    PLAN B GBP £475 x 2 quarterly instalmentsGBP £1187.50 x 1 instalment
    PLAN C GBP £902.50 x 1 instalment

    Scholarships & bursaries

    5% Bursary on above fee for students opting to pay in full.

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