MSc HealthCare Management Program for 24 Months

MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months

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MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months

Our MSc HealthCare Management program spans 24 months, equipping students with essential skills to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, learners delve into key topics such as healthcare policy, financial management, and strategic planning. Real-world case studies offer insights into industry challenges, while interactive sessions foster critical thinking and decision-making abilities. With a focus on the digital transformation of healthcare, students gain actionable insights to drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare organizations. Join us on this transformative journey to become a leader in healthcare management. Embark on a transformative journey with our MSc HealthCare Management program, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic healthcare industry. Over 24 months, you will delve into key areas such as healthcare policy, finance, and leadership, guided by industry experts and experienced faculty. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical application, you will develop a deep understanding of healthcare management principles and strategies. Join a diverse community of like-minded individuals and expand your professional network. Elevate your career prospects and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare sector with our comprehensive MSc program.

Benefits of studying MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months

Embark on a transformative journey with our MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months program. Elevate your career in the dynamic healthcare industry by gaining essential skills in leadership, finance, and strategic planning. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in managerial roles, opening doors to lucrative opportunities and career advancements. Stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impact on the healthcare sector with our specialized program. Join us and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in healthcare management.

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Career opportunities

Below is a partial list of career roles where you can leverage a MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months to advance your professional endeavors.

Career Role Estimated Salary (£)
Healthcare Manager £40,000 - £60,000
Healthcare Consultant £50,000 - £70,000
Healthcare Administrator £30,000 - £45,000
Healthcare Policy Analyst £45,000 - £65,000
Healthcare Quality Improvement Manager £35,000 - £55,000

* Please note: The salary figures presented above serve solely for informational purposes and are subject to variation based on factors including but not limited to experience, location, and industry standards. Actual compensation may deviate from the figures presented herein. It is advisable to undertake further research and seek guidance from pertinent professionals prior to making any career-related decisions relying on the information provided.

Learn key facts about MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months

● The MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic healthcare industry.
● Upon completion of the course, students will have a deep understanding of healthcare management principles, policies, and practices.
● The curriculum is carefully crafted to cover a wide range of topics including healthcare economics, quality management, strategic planning, and healthcare informatics.
● Students will also develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership abilities essential for effective healthcare management.
● The program is highly industry-relevant, with real-world case studies, guest lectures from industry experts, and opportunities for internships in leading healthcare organizations.
● One of the unique features of this course is the emphasis on practical skills development through hands-on projects, simulations, and group work.
● Students will also have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support their learning and research endeavors.
● Graduates of the MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months program will be well-prepared to pursue various career opportunities in healthcare management, consulting, policy-making, and more.

Who is MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months for?

Target Audience Percentage
Healthcare Professionals 40%
Healthcare Administrators 30%
Business Professionals 20%
Public Health Officials 10%

The MSc HealthCare Management - 24 months course is designed for a diverse range of professionals in the healthcare industry. The target audience for this course includes: Healthcare Professionals - 40%: This group includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers looking to advance their careers into management roles within healthcare organizations. Healthcare Administrators - 30%: Healthcare administrators such as hospital managers, clinic directors, and healthcare executives who are seeking to enhance their leadership and management skills in the healthcare sector. Business Professionals - 20%: Individuals with a background in business or management who are interested in transitioning into the healthcare industry and want to specialize in healthcare management. Public Health Officials - 10%: Public health officials and policymakers who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of healthcare management principles to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes in their communities. Overall, this course caters to a wide range of professionals with varying backgrounds and interests in healthcare management, making it a valuable and comprehensive program for those looking to excel in the healthcare industry.

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Course content

● Healthcare Policy and Economics
● Healthcare Quality and Safety
● Healthcare Leadership and Management
● Healthcare Information Systems
● Healthcare Ethics and Law
● Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Planning
● Healthcare Operations Management
● Healthcare Finance and Budgeting
● Healthcare Human Resources Management
● Healthcare Innovation and Technology
● Healthcare Data Analysis and Decision Making
● Healthcare Project Management
● Healthcare Risk Management
● Healthcare Globalization and Diversity
● Healthcare Research Methods
● Healthcare Capstone Project


The assessment process primarily relies on the submission of assignments, and it does not involve any written examinations or direct observations.

Entry requirements

  • The Learners must possess:
    ● Level 6 Award/Diploma or a bachelors degree or any other equivalent qualification
    ● 5 years or more of work experience in case you do not hold any formal qualification
    ● Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning

Fee and payment plans


24 Months
18 Months

Course fee

The fee for the programme is as follows:

24 Months - GBP £5700
18 Months - GBP £5700 * This programme does not have any additional costs.
* The fee is payable in monthly, quarterly, half yearly instalments.
** You can avail 5% discount if you pay the full fee upfront in 1 instalment

Payment plans

24 Months - GBP £5700
● Payment option (a) - GBP £316 x 18 monthly instalments
● Payment option (b) - GBP £950 x 6 quarterly instalments
● Payment option (c) - GBP £1425 x 4 half yearly instalments
● Payment option (d) - GBP £5415 x 1 instalment (We offer 5% discount on total fee for stud

18 Months - GBP £5700
● Payment option (a) - GBP £478 x 14 monthly instalments
● Payment option (b) - GBP £1340 x 5 quarterly instalments
● Payment option (c) - GBP £2233 x 3 half yearly instalments
● Payment option (d) - GBP £6365 x 1 instalment (We offer 5% discount on total fee for stu


Stage 1 (Delivered by LSPM):
The programme involves delivery through on-line Learning Management System (LMS). This stage leads to award of Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

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The programme aims to develop pro-active decision makers, managers and leaders for a variety of careers in business sectors in a global context.

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