What are the modules covered in the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Law?

Title: Unveiling the Path to Legal Excellence: Modules Covered in the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Law

Embark on a journey of legal knowledge and expertise with the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Law at LSPM. This comprehensive program equips you with a profound understanding of the legal landscape, fostering skills that are highly sought after in the legal field. Delve into the captivating modules that pave the way for your legal success. 

Modules Covered in the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Law:

1. Foundations of Law: Dive into the fundamental principles of law, exploring its historical development, key concepts, and the role of law in society. Gain a solid foundation for your legal journey.

2. Criminal Law and Procedure: Uncover the intricacies of criminal law, studying various offenses, criminal liability, and the criminal justice process. Learn how the legal system addresses wrongdoing.

3. Contract Law: Examine the realm of contracts, understanding their formation, terms, performance, and remedies. Explore the nuances of contractual relationships and obligations.

4. Tort Law: Navigate the realm of torts, delving into negligence, liability, and compensation for harm caused. Develop a comprehensive grasp of civil wrongs and their legal implications.

5. Equity and Trusts: Explore the principles of equity and trusts, understanding how trusts are established, managed, and their significance in legal and financial contexts.

6. Land Law: Unravel the complexities of land law, covering property ownership, leases, mortgages, and land registration. Grasp the legal intricacies surrounding real estate.

7. Administrative Law: Discover the rules governing administrative agencies, their powers, and the processes they follow. Gain insight into citizens' rights in interactions with government entities.

8. Legal Research and Writing: Hone your research and writing skills essential for legal professionals. Learn to analyze cases, statutes, and legal principles, and effectively communicate legal arguments.

9. Company Law: Explore the legal aspects of companies, including formation, management, and dissolution. Understand corporate governance, shareholder rights, and regulatory compliance.

10. International Law: Embark on a global journey, studying the principles of international law that govern relationships between states and international organizations.

11. Human Rights Law: Delve into the realm of human rights, understanding the legal protection of individual rights and freedoms on a national and international level.

12. Dissertation (Optional): Engage in independent research, selecting a legal topic of interest to explore in-depth, showcasing your analytical and writing prowess.

[Short Credit: London School of Planning and Management - Shaping Legal Minds]

Equip yourself with the power of legal knowledge through the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Law at LSPM. Discover, learn, and thrive in the world of law!


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